Maharashtra Farmer Grows 180+ Varieties of Food Through Multicropping

According to Better India, Rajendra Bhat, a Maharashtra farmer has received the ‘Krishi Bhushan’ award for turning a land not suitable for farming into a green luscious farm, while saving lakhs of litres of water

Explaining why his farm looks like a forest, Bhat says, “Years ago, before I ventured into farming, I read one square metre of an area of in a forest can yield more than two kilos of food naturally without using any external inputs. Whereas in a farm, the same area gives 600 gram despite adding artificial resources like chemicals.”

Bhat was working as an engineer, but his curiosity was piqued.

“After reading books on the topic, I came to know that in a forest, food grows on a cubic square metre, meaning it has three dimensions. I was very fascinated by the idea of utilising land in three dimensions, and one of the agricultural terms for this method is multi-cropping farming,” mentions the 63-year-old.

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