Renewable Energy – An Alternate Viewpoint

Presenting an alternate viewpoint. Obviously the oil lobby is doing it’s own research. Maybe they are feeling threatened by the surge in non oil based energy. Some of the contentions might be valid. There is bound to be a way around for creating an energy reserve, other than battery. Maybe pushing electric energy into the grid is one solution. True solar energy can be generated only in sunlight hours. The inventive scientific community might come up with moonlight generated energy. In any case, wind energy is not dependent on sunlight. There are new developments in wind propellers that can generate electric power in low breeze as well.

You can watch this video to know about this recent invention in our last post:

Introducing Harmony VAWT a brand new Vertical Axis Wind Turbine based on Yin and Yang

I leave it to the readers to come to their own conclusions after reading the article below from Oilprice.Com


The energy needs of the world’s economy seem to be easy to model. Energy consumption is measured in a variety of different ways including kilowatt-hours, barrels of oil equivalent, British thermal units, kilocalories and joules. Two types of energy are equivalent if they produce the same number of units of energy, right?

For example, xkcd’s modeler Randall Munroe explains the benefit of renewable energy in this video. He tells us that based on his model, solar, if scaled up to ridiculous levels, can provide enough renewable energy for ourselves and a half-dozen of our neighbors. Wind, if scaled up to absurd levels, can provide enough renewable energy for ourselves and a dozen of our neighbors.

There is a major catch to this analysis, however. The kinds of energy produced by wind and solar are not the kinds of energy that the economy needs. Wind and solar produce intermittent electricity available only at specific times and places. What the world economy needs is a variety of different energy types that match the energy requirements of the many devices in place in the world today. This energy needs to be transported to the right place and saved for the right time of day and the right time of year. There may even be a need to store this energy from year-to-year, because of possible droughts.

I think of the situation as being analogous to researchers deciding that it would be helpful or more efficient if humans could change their diets to 100 percent grass in the next 20 years. Grass is a form of energy product, but it is not the energy product that humans normally consume. It doesn’t seem to be toxic to humans in small quantities. It seems to grow quite well. Switching to the use of grass for food would seem to be beneficial from a CO2 perspective. The fact that humans have not evolved to eat grass is similar to the fact that the manufacturing and transport sectors of today’s economy have not developed around the use of intermittent electricity from wind and solar.

Substituting Grass for Food Might “Work,” but It Would Require Whole New Systems

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