Mehrauli Archaeological Park

Mehrauli Archaeological Park which is in Delhi is one of the only places where you would find not one but many monuments of historical importance.The land which spreads over 200 acres hosts about hundred monuments from multiple dynasty that ruled over Delhi including Khalji dynasty, Tughlaq dynasty, Lodhi Dynasty and the British Raj.

One of the main attractions is Tomb of Balban which was built in 1287 CE as it was the first time for such a true arch and dome to be constructed in India.Some of the notable monuments of the park are :

  • The bastion of Lal Kot fort, Mehrauli.
  • Balban’s tomb, Mehrauli, ca 1287 CE
  • Tomb of Khan Shahid, Balban’s son, Mehrauli.
  • Entrance to Tomb of Khan Shahid, son of Balban
  • Steps of Rajon Ki Baoli
  • Walled mosque adjacent to the Baoli
  • Gandhak ki Baoli, another stepwell beyond Rajon Ki Baoli.
  • Dargah of Sufi saint, Qutbuddin Bakhtiar Kaki, beyond Rajon Ki Baoli.
  • Tomb and wall mosque in Mehrauli Archaeological Park.
  • Bagichi Ki Masjid, Mehrauli.
  • British Agent, Sir Thomas Metcalfe’s Guest House at Dilkusha close to Quli Khan’s tomb.
  • Pavilion tomb and grave platform, Mehrauli Archaeological Park.
  • Tomb in Mehrauli Archaeological Park.
  • Ruined homes near Balban’s tomb

One can reach Lodhi Garden by metro or by bus. Neareast metro station is Qutub Minar.

Anuvrat Marg, Opposite Qutub Minar Metro Station, Christian Colony, Mehrauli, New Delhi, Delhi 110030

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