Lodhi Garden

Lodhi Garden is basically a city park located near the center of New Delhi. Lodi’s ruled northern India including the modern day Pakistan from 1451 – 1526. This site is now protected by Archaeological Survey of India (ASI). Lodi did a lot of architectural works in the 15th century which are now characterised as heritage sites.

  • The Tomb of Mohammad Shah:  It was built in 1444 and is the earliest of the tombs in the garden. Built by Ala-ud-din Alam Shah, this tomb is visible from the roads and it’s architectural shape is octagonal .
  • Sikander Lodi Tomb:  This tomb is similar to the Mohammad Shah’s tomb. It was built by his son, Ibrahim Lodi in 1517. Ibrahim Lodi was the last Sultan of Delhi from Lodi dynasty as he was defeated by Babur. It is the first garden-tomb in India. It is enclosed within a complex having two domes in the shape of umbrella.
  • Bara Gumbad: It is a large rubble-construct dome. It is a gateway to the three domed masjid. It was built by Sikander Lodi in 1490 with a height of 29m. It belongs to a group of monuments that include a Friday mosque. It is believed to be the earliest of all the construction done in Lodi Garden.
  • Shisha Gumbad: It was also built by Sikander Lodi in 1489 – 1517, the exact date is not known. It is named Shisha Gumbad due to the glazed tiles which contains the remains of an unknown family. It houses tombs of an unknown family belonging to the Lodhi Family.

One can reach Lodhi Garden by metro or by bus. Neareast metro station is Jor Bagh.

Lodhi Rd, Lodhi Gardens, Lodhi Estate, New Delhi, Delhi 110003

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