Water Harvesting: Pipe Filters where there is a space crunch | Manohar Khushalani


Rainwater is amongst the purest water one can get distilled as it is by the sun. However, in a rainwater harvesting system, the water comes in contact with several surfaces, such as the roof or gutters. Its flow becomes possibly mixed with leaves or dust.

To get water fit for use at the end of the harvesting process, apart from keeping these surfaces clean, we can filter the water before storage. Ideally a water harvesting filter with inbuilt Sand and Aggregate filter is long lasting and requires less maintenance. See the link below for the design of such a pit.

However when there is a space crunch you can use a modular pipe filter to be directly connected to the piping system from the roof to the borewell or dugwell to be recharged. For maintenance of that system you must refer to the manufacturer’s brochure.

Link to the Water Harvesting Filter Pit details:

Domestic Water Harvesting Ideas by Prof. Manohar Khushalani


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