Safdarjung Tomb

Safdarjung’s Tomb is a sandstone and marble stone built monument and is the last Mughal Structure. This heritage site has a very imposing presence with its arched red brown and white colored structures and is a historical monument that is a popular tourist spot in Delhi.

The foundations were laid by Nawab Shujaud Daula  in the memory of his father Ahmad Shah Bahadur. The construction phase was from 1753-1754. The tomb was designed by an Abyssinian architect.

Safdarjung Tomb has the cultural aspects of the Mughals in its architecture. The main tomb is constructed using sandstone and marble stone in the shade of red. Height of the main tomb is 92ft. There are four towers along with the square chamber that has the tomb in the middle. There are three pavilions and an entrance gate. The three pavilions are known as Badshah Pasand, Jangali Mahal and Moti Mahal.

One can reach Sabdarjung Tomb by metro or by bus although it is more convenient by Metro only. Nearest metro station is Jor Bagh. A single ticket can be bought for Rs. 25 for Indian nationals, however, the price is different for foreign tourists. Opening hours are 7am to 5pm daily.

Address :

Airforce Golf Course, Delhi Race Club, New Delhi, Delhi 110021


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