Don’t Be Fooled By Palm Trees In Delhi | New Delhi Nature Society

Palm trees are not actually trees, they are in the grass family. Did you know that Palm Trees are not native to Delhi? You must have noticed them planted outside malls, hotels, inside parks, gated communities and even outside a few houses around the city. They don’t provide much shade, don’t have branches for wildlife to make nests and no flowers or fruit to feed the local fauna.

Given Delhi’s high intensity heat and pollution problems, we must refrain from planting Palms. Many authorities have fooled the public by saying they are planting native trees, and they have gone ahead and planted palms as a compensation for killing big healthy sacred Peepal or Banyan trees. This usually happens when somebody travels to Dubai and sees Palms planted everywhere, so they come back and feel like planting Palms in a city which is unsuitable for this tall grass confused to be a tree.

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