Climate Change / Gayatri Keswani

The rising temperatures & sudden changes in the weather patterns become a common phenomena nowadays world over. In the name of development the human species has become so selfish that it has almost forgotten that it is overusing the natural resources which are meant for all the living creatures of the earth.

Age old practices of sustainability has been forgotten & have been replaced by quick methods that are destroying the quality of air,water & soil. For our commuting & travel comfort we invented different modes of transport, each of which mostly uses fossil fuels which are non renewable sources of energy. Indiscriminate use of these fuels have deteriorated the quality of air beyond repair at some places.

Water is another resource which has been exploited extensively. The day is not far that the very existence of human species will be threatened due to scarcity of water.

Quality of soil is also damaged by constant use of fertilizers.

All these things make me think Are new inventions really necessary for today ‘s world? Can’t we focus more on discovering nature’s ways of balancing & sustaining the living & nonliving resources rather than blindly focusing our energy & efforts on new inventions which are merely increasing our comforts & are doing more harm to our health & health of our mother earth.

Each one of us if we start observing the nature closely & carefully, we will discover how beautifully everything is scrutinized & balanced to maintain the natural cycles.

The drying of leaves & their falling on the soil during Summer is followed by monsoon during which the rainwater helps it to get mulched in the soil ,only to be converted it into manure so that the nutrients in the soil are replenished.

The need of the hour I think is “To Discover rather than Invent.”

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