Deviation from True Meaning of Life

What is LIFE??

A race or a peaceful walk in the woods feeling each breath as the cool breeze passes through the hairs, embracing the beauty of nature and make the most of every passing moment.

Amidst the race of being successful and being the winner, people have forgotten the true meaning of life. We have forgotten that life is a gift bestowed upon us by the Almighty. We all are rushing to achieve an accomplishment and then fall in the trap of achieving others. We are not satisfied with what we have, we are not thankful for what we have been given to us. When we approach the end and go down the memory lane, we have nothing with us except regret. The regret of not making memories, the regret of not overcoming fear, the regret of not loving people, the regret of not living life.

So now the question arises, it is wrong that we spend whole our lives living up to expectations of others and fulfilling our responsibilities? People often argue by saying that the burden of responsibilities doesn’t allow them to enjoy life. We all are humans and we all have been assigned certain responsibilities and it would be wrong if we run away from them. But who is actually stopping us from being happy, is it really the responsibilities or our inefficiency to see the happiness every moment in our life brings with itself.

Happiness is a subjective topic. Happiness has no certain definition and that is the beauty of it. It gives us the freedom to choose our own definition of happiness and enjoy life. Money doesn’t provide happiness, it is defined by your perspective towards life. A person with lots of money may be sad, but a poor person may be happy. Happiness is when you have made peace with your thoughts, your mind, and your needs. If you are too confused in life and do not channel your thoughts in a proper way, you will end up being a mess and this would be a source of frustration. If you do not make peace with your mind and keep your mind busy with the thoughts of the future or the regret of the past, you can’t be happy in this scenario also. The memories from the past and the future will keep haunting you and you will miss the precious present which is full of opportunities and happiness. Finally, you need to make peace with your needs. The lesser your needs are, the happier you stay. Greed always takes the person along with it and ruins not only your peace of mind but also your life and relations.

So what is the definition of life? The definition of life lies in the four letters the word “life” is made up of

Laugh out loud Inspire Fight Embrace

The real meaning of life lies in these words.

Laugh and be happy. Laugh out all the problems. Smile and get up every morning with new hopes and new goals. Welcome every day with positive energy and fill the world with happiness. Enjoy every moment and make many beautiful memories. Set a goal, work towards it and without fearing the end, just enjoy the journey and learn from whatever comes in the way. Travel more, meet new people, make your life an adventure ride and just complete the ride with a smile on face.

Inspire, doesn’t matter who you inspire maybe it’s your own children but do something in life that people look up to you. No matter what field you choose, live a life which inspires others to be better humans, to smile a little more, to worry a little less, to live a little more.

Fight, never give up. Fight with your fears, fight with the failures. Every time life knocks you down, get up and show it in its face. Believe that you are stronger than what the rest of the world believes. You have all the energy of the universe and you can achieve everything you have ever thought of, just carry on the fight, don’t stop, don’t give up.

Embrace what you have, let it be people, relationships or success. Embrace every passing minute of life. Embrace the present, don’t ruin it for past or future. Be grateful for whatever you have. Whatever you have may seem a little less now but continue your hard work and things will fall back in place. Just embrace the beauty of nature, embrace the goodness of people, the warmth of relationships, everything will seem beautiful and provide you with positive energy to accomplish your goal.

This is how I look towards life and looking through these glasses makes things less difficult to handle, more beautiful to see and more fun to do. It is finally your call to wear these glasses or not !!

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