WHY shouldn’t we rely more on Science and Spirituality but not RELIGION?

Here is the answer!

After the outbreak of Nipah Virus in Kerala:

Madrassas closed
– Even Friday Namaz cancelled and people are praying at home (Which is not allowed as per rules)

– People are staying away from Mosques
– No Sunday prayers in Churches and no gatherings are happening

– For the first time no one is visiting temples in Kottiyoor and Kadambuzha

– None of the self proclaimed spiritual gurus are getting involved with people with their prayers and mantras

– Even the Christian prayer centres which claim to heal cancer and aids through prayers are closed now.

But those nurses and doctors who believe in science are still there in the hospitals without any fear and treating everyone to make sure they get healed!

Please watch this short film Directed by Satya Prakash Sabherwal Featuring Manohar Khushalani and Neelam Jain amongst other

Script is by Neelam Jain

It is an attempt to portray the life, sacrifice and positive attitude of a nurse, and to remove some myths about the noble profession. A fitting tribute to Florence Nightingale in her birth-month!

Click on the link below

Nurse Purnima Nightingale

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