Demonic verily are the worlds which are enveloped in blinding
darkness. And to them go, after death, those who harm their inner selves.
Isha Upanishad

In the Bhagavad-Gita says Lord Krishna that the self
is the friend of the self and the self also is the enemy of the
self. In the same scripture we also come across a detailed
description of the demonic qualities. Those who harm
their inner selves are those who engage in wicked actions and
harmful qualities. This verse is a continuation of the same argument on karma that started in the first verse. Do we realize how much harm we do to ourselves each day by our actions and thoughts and what opportunities we fritter away in search of things that actually do not help us in our spiritual progress?


“If you are angry or in pain, separate yourself from anger and pain and watch them. Externalization is the first step to liberation.”
Nisargidatta Maharaj



If you find that every day you are becoming either
touchy, finicky, or gossipy, then you know that you
are going backward. The best test is to analyze your-
self and find out whether you are happier today than
you were yesterday. If you feel that you are happier
today, then you are progressing; and this feeling of
happiness must continue.
–Paramahansa Yogananda, SRF Lessons


“The real does not die, the unreal never lived. Set your mind right and all will be right. When you know that the world is one, that humanity is one, you will act accordingly. But first of all you must attend to the way you feel, think and live. Unless there is order in yourself, there can be no order in the world.”
Nisargidatta Maharaj



You know when you are doing wrong. Your whole
being tells you, and that feeling is God’s voice. If you
do not listen to Him, then He is quiet; but when you
spiritually waken again He will guide you. He sees
your good and your evil thoughts and actions, but
whatever you do, you are His child just the same.
–Paramahansa Yogananda, SRF Lessons

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