Quotes by Parmananda, Chariji and Ram Chandra

Devotion and love, of course, remain so easy and yet so difficult an achievement at once. Real devotion has no tinge of affection in it and goes hand in glove with enlightenment. In the initial stages the devotee may be conscious of his feeling towards the object of his love; but at higher stages the foam and fury is dimmed to the extent of an almost total loss of its awareness at the Ultimate stage.

Ram Chandra, Complete Works of Ram Chandra, Vol. 1, p. 353

If we understand it (love) correctly, we find love is giving, and the more one gives, the more one loves, and we can therefore say with confidence that one gives totally when one loves totally. And this is what the master gives. He comes to us totally Himself and gives Himself totally to us in an endeavour, in an effort, to make us like Himself.

Taken from the book “The Role of Master in Human Evolution”, Chapter “Vorauf – June 29, 1986”, pg. 15, by Revered Chariji

A son took his father to a restaurant to enjoy a delicious dinner. His father was of advanced age, and therefore, a little weak, too. While he was eating, a little bit of food fell from time to time on his shirt and his trousers. The other diners watched the older man with their faces distorted in disgust, but his son remained totally calm.
Once both were done eating, the son, without being remotely ashamed, helped his father by taking him to the restroom. He cleaned up the leftovers from his wrinkled face, and tried to wash the stains of food from his clothes. He lovingly combed his hair gray and I finally got his glasses cleaned. On the way out of the restroom, a profound silence reigned in the restaurant. The son was going to pay the bill and get ready to escort his father out of the restaurant. Just then a man rose from his chair among the diners, and asked the son ” don’t you think that you’ve left something here? “The young man replied, “No, I haven’t missed anything”. Then the stranger said to him, ” Yes you’ve left something! You left here a lesson for each child, and hope for every parent!” The entire restaurant was so quiet, you could hear a pin drop.
One of the biggest honors that exists, is the ability to take care of those older adults who cared for us. Our parents, and all those elderly who sacrificed their lives, with time, money, effort and unconditional love. They deserve our utmost respect. If you also feel respect for older adults, share this story with all your friends.

Q:- What precautions should be taken during spiritual practice?

Shri Ramakrishna:- Those who wish to attain God or make progress in their devotional practice should particularly guard themselves against the snares of lust and wealth. Otherwise they will never attain perfection.

For the attainment of the objective, we have to create in us intense longing or extreme impatience, which forces our passage on to it just as the latent motion did at the time of creation.

Ram Chandra, Complete Works of Ram Chandra, Vol. 1 (1st Indian edn., 1989), p. 217

Salient Thought for the Day.
The sign of life’s fulfilment is in softness and

Lines to Memorize.
Soul in search is never at rest.
Soul in slumber knoweth not the precious
Soul in wakeful communion is at rest and hath
found its peace.

One feels• suffocated within the boundary line of
dogmatic religion. We must avoid fanaticism.. A
fanatic never has clear vision. We need a balanced.
attitude of mind. The greatest mellowness and gentleness
are to be found in those who have realized most.
A man has nothing to give until he has learned to
shut the door and commune with his own soul.

0 Thou All-knowing One, free me from the
anguish of doubt and calculation.
May I never close my being to Thee.
May I open every channel to receive Thy Divine
May I find my home in Truth
And rest my life and happiness in Truth alone.

– Parmananda
Book of Daily Thoughts and Prayers

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